How to pick up women properly – from a girl’s perspective

When it comes to falling for a guy, most often than not we settle for someone instead of being alone. This ultimately leads to lower self esteem and other self destructive habits. In order to pick a girl, here are some major points that will help guys and gals alike in making better decisions.

  1. Intelligence: It is true that women in the days of yore used to choose guys with more brawn than brain. Nowadays, society has changed and women easily fall for a guy who is intelligent and opinionated and can hold his own in an intellectual discussion. A person with whom you can have a proper discussion and simultaneously tickle your own brain is something that any girl will be interested in Also, having a great body does not hurt either!
  2. Confidence: Rarely do women fall for a mumbling and shy guy unless they are very shy them or have slim pickings. Confidence also helps a guy in speaking his mind and putting out everything that he has to offer.
  3. Grooming: Grooming is an absolute must for attracting female company. A well dressed and dapper looking guy will be an obvious choice instead of a handsome slob. Again, there is a fine line between being excessively obsessed with your looks and just cleaning up really good. Make sure that the guy’s nails are clipped and his hair is cut to the proper length and has at least been combed. Also, properly ironed shirt, matching belt and shoes and dark socks with the dark trousers rule should be followed.
  4. Compliments: They are the age old shortcuts to a woman’s heart. Women know when they are being complimented and when the compliment is genuine and from the heart.
  5. Behavior: How a guy conducts himself socially and how he deals with tricky situations are very important in determining the kind of girl that will for him. Also, it determines how he will treat the girl and behave around her

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A woman also likes a man who can hold his liquor and take care of her if need arises. Also, being a part of the newest generation of metro sexuality, guys who can cook and do other household chores are sometimes preferred by individualistic and independent women. Whatever be the score points of the guy in the above departments, he is nothing without an air of style and panache so as to knock the girl off her feet.

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