How To Please Women – From A Woman’s Perspective

If you are a man and want know how to please a woman there are a few things that you can do. This article provides some information on how to please women – from a woman’s perspective.

Be yourself. There is nothing worse for a woman when she discovers that you are not being yourself and being untrue to her. Always be honest and truthful. If you haven’t done something that she has asked you to, let her know, or keep her posted on its progress.

Cook dinner for her. Women love it when men know how to cook. Give her a break from cooking dinner now and then and surprise her with your own cooking. Be sure that it is good quality food, not cheap junk food.

Do the house work for her or share the house work and do it together. Women often find themselves forever cleaning and doing other house work. A break or some help is always appreciated.

Tell her that you love her. Not only tell her in words but love her in action. If you don’t know what those actions might be, then find out from her.

Be Romantic. Many dating guide give suggestion about surprise her with some sort of romantic night. This could be dinner out, flowers, a night at home, or a date night or a weekend getaway. If you don’t know what she likes in romance, ask her.

Show her that you appreciate her. For who she is and how she is, as well as what she does for you and others. Women always like to know they are appreciated.

Quality time. Arrange some one on one time alone with her. A fun activity or just simple time alone even at home. Talk about how your relationship is going and where it is going. If you have children with her, arrange for the children to be baby sat for a day or weekend.

Listen to her. Women always want to be listened to. Whether that be when they are happy, sad or angry. Sometimes all women want is not advice, but a heart that is willing to listen, a hand to hold or simply a hug. Sometimes woman just need to let off steam or need a shoulder to cry on.

Be patient. Women think and act differently than men. Please try to be patient with them in their ways of doing and dealing with things. We are all different.

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