What women like in men

The most important thing a woman wants from a man is the confidence to move forward in relationship. That’s what women like in men – from a woman’s perspective. Women get tired and stressed about great men who take too long to pop the question. That’s why some of them settle with losers who don’t deserve them. In saying that, what are the exact steps to just ask each time?

What you need to establish first is eye contact. Show her that you’re interested and that you’re checking her out Women loved to be noticed, even if it’s by a guy she doesn’t like. Don’t pretend that you’re looking at the person behind her Don’t pretend that you’re looking at her best friend. Look at her! That doesn’t mean you should stare like a creep and never blink. Look away periodically, but have direct eye contact, especially when she’s talking later on.

The second thing you need maintain is confident body language. Have a genuine smile on your face to be inviting. Don’t slouch or walk toward her like Igor. Stand straight and act like you’re the next Hollywood Star about to be discovered by this woman. This confident body language immediately softens even the most beautiful and confident women.

The pick up line is next. This is one of the most researched and the most talked about among men. Here’s the answer: There is none. Most men like to start with popular funny ones, which are fine. At least you said something. However, women are most intrigued if you notice something about them. Not necessarily a compliment about their looks. Find something else to say before you approach her For example, if she’s carrying a book, say something about that. This is a great conversation starter and shows her that you just didn’t notice her chest or her butt.

Once she starts talking to you, don’t just stand there and blab on for an hour. Remember why you approached her. You want her digits. She’s also waiting for you to state your purpose, believe it or not Just like a salesperson must ask for the sale, you must ASK for her number, email or whatever modern technology comes up with nowadays. You must do this within 1-2 minutes of the conversation. Yes, that quick. Waiting longer may cause problems such as you saying something you shouldn’t have, you finding out she’s with her husband after wasting an hour talking to her, or she’s just not interested.

The last and final stage is how you handle rejection. This is just as important as getting her to say ‘yes’. Don’t look too disappointed or angry if her answer is ‘no’. If you maintain your posture and your confidence, that ‘no’ might turn into a ‘yes’ with a woman you have a chance to see again. If not, it sets the tone for the next girl that you pick up. Losing your confidence and looking too disappointed will show on your face the next time you ask a different woman out.

The bottom line here is that you just ask her and ask with confidence. Even women who reject you will still respect you because they felt that they were at least worth the risk for you to approach them like a gentleman.

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