What women want from men for dating and relationships

A woman may want many things from a man, but there are a few things that make a difference in a relationship. Sometimes, trying to figure out what a woman really want in a man is not easy. However, it does not take a scientist’s brain to understand the basics, what makes it hard is when a guy does things for a woman that he would like without creating an emotional moment with the her Basically women focus on being romantic or charming.

The secret remains that women don’t know what they really like in a guy. Women are much more susceptible to their emotions than men and it is upon the man to understand how to use this knowledge that have advantage with women. In this context, you will discover the secret to how to attract women and capture their hearts. Use these tips below, and your woman will feel more comfortable, loved and happy than ever before. These are various things that women want from men for dating and relationships.

A man who has the ability to meet maturing obligations as they come due (solvency)

A woman always wants to see the man can actually support himself and his family too. A woman may show sympathy in times of unemployment but it is important for a man to show concern by at least looking for gainful employment and have a long-term plan. Lastly but not the least, you don’t have to be that gold miner or the most richest person to win her heart, but she really want to see you have put your life together enough.

A man who is Mature

Women are not likely to be impressed by things such as your high score on your local pub’s boggle machine and your ability to play any song on your home piano or having that expensive car. You may feel proud that you have all the above, but by buying in the woman’s real world she would be more impressed with your ability to buy a nice and decent meal for the two of you in a nice restaurant. Keep in mind she not interested in dating a boy but instead a man who has the capability to bring his game to the table, not to a video screen or a piano for that matter.

A man who shows Manliness character

A woman wants to see a man who can actually do things. Whether it’s small stuff such as taking care of simple home repairs, changing car tire or simply taking trash out, they are also focused in seeing that man who have a passion of life, enjoys his work and hobbies, and a man who knows how to lead and take responsibility.

A man who is more like a partner

Though a woman wants maturity, solvency – but at the same time, she is looking for equity, for a partner, and someone to give her as much as he can, not forgetting a man to listen to as he leads. Though, she wants it all, most men just hang on in there for the ride. But if you can up the game, or at least get close, it could be your lucky day to have the ride of your life.

A man who is Hygienic

Every woman enjoy a man intimately as well as emotionally, thus a man should be good looking and neat. Though a certain natural manly aroma might work wonders with women, being neat shows you are organized and moreover, adds to manly musk, not forgetting this is a winning comb to every man out there.

A man who is ready to woo her often

Most man tends to forget the things he used to do when the relationship was young such as impressing the woman. As the relationship gets serious, women needs to be treated with love and affection. It is important for a man to always brighten the woman’s day, and always remember those special days that really matters. When you look for ways to make your woman smile, you will inevitably find yourself smiling too hence keeping the relationship as tight as a new one.

A man who envy her

In order to make your woman fall more in love with you every day, it is important to always make your woman feel better than any other woman around her It is most men nature to always base their relationship on other relationships around them. If other people cheat, they assume they have to do it too. But instead of basing your relationship on other people, take the lead and do those things that really matters to your lover. Surprise your woman with flowers at her works place, plan special diners and take little vacations. Though there might be lots of competition in the air, make that woman feel like she is having the best relationship in the world and you’ll be just the man she would love to be with forever.

A man who appreciates her

It is good to always appreciate your woman, even for the little things that she does to impress you Always keep in mind, as much as the big things in love matter, it is the little things that count in a relationship.

A man who makes her feel lucky

Every woman looks for a man who she is comfortable to show to her friends and other men who are trying to hit on her When her friends have comments envying her on how charming you are, your woman realizes how lucky she is to have you All this is entailed on how you carry yourself while around her and her friends.

A charming man who can make her laugh

Every girl wants a guy who have a sense of humor. You don’t have to be a clown to impress your girl, but you need to always have a positive attitude and often look at the happy side of everything every now and then. We all agree serious guys may be great for family planning in the future, but a fun guy is perfect all year around. Thing such as flattering her, being funny, flirting with her, conversing about what she likes and touching her are some of the things that makes a woman laugh.

A man who is a good listener

The art of listening is one of the most delicate things in a relationship. Most people don’t listen to their partners, but a good number end up straying to some else outside the relationship. However, to keep the strings holding the relationship together, it’s good to be a good listen and pay attention to your woman feelings. This makes the relationship have a good communication hence its success.

In conclusion, most men give up so easily simply because the woman is not responding exactly as the way he expected when he approached her for the first time In continuation, most husbands also retreat emotionally because their wives are no longer playful as they were on their first date. But it does not have to be this way. You relationship can be as wonderful as you hoped by keeping in mind above tips.

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